Cheiridopsis cigarettifera


Cigarette Succulent

Clump forming ground cover plants. Leaves are fleshy and triangular in cross section; stem-less grey green foliage, ground cover to 30cm diameter, with relatively large yellow flowers (4cm across) in spring. 

Daisy-like flowers,


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May be a little frost sensitive and prefer well-drained, humus rich soil. Reduce watering in summer to only water when leaves begin to shrivel; best to keep cool in summer and protect from extreme cold in winter.


Seed or stem cuttings.


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Plant Health

Mealybugs can be a problem. Susceptible to root rots. Avoid excess potassium.

More info

This species is called "cigarettifera" ( cigarette-making) because the leaves that are developed after flowering are more slender, close together, fused for about a third of their length and remain erect during the resting period, when the young leaves are hidden in dry sheaths of the old leaves like a cluster of cigarettes.

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