Mountain Laurel

Most evergreen but occasionally deciduous shrubs, leaves simple and leathery, attractive saucer or bowl-shaped clusters of spring or summer flowers are normally in shades of white, pink or purple.


Shrubbery, woodland garden, shrubbery, rhododendron companion.


Prefers conditions similar to rhododendrons; fertile, freely draining but moist, acidic, organic soil, they will not do as well on limestone or clay soils partial shade to full sun.


Softwood or semi hardwood cuttings, layering; Seed occasionally.


Species cultivated include:

K. angustifolia: Evergreen, to 1 metre, crimson flowers.

K. latifolia: To 2-3 metres tall, rose flowers; there are many named cultivars of this species with varying flower colours.

Plant Health

Hardy; few pest and disease problems but occasionally leaf spots, root rots, whitefly, lacebugs, weevils, or caterpillars may be present.

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