Parlour Palm, Bamboo Palm

Fast growing highly ornamental, feathered frond palms. These can be of single, multi or rhizomous habit.


A good specimen for pot culture and understorey landscape use.


Chamaedorea can easily be grown provided shade, humidity, mild temperatures and moisture are supplied.


Seeds germinate within 6 months depending on species. Division may also be tried.


Cultivated species include:

C. elegans (Parlour Palm). A small palm with a very neat, bamboo-like stem, that grows well in shaded or poorly lit places. Excellent as an indoor plant. In the garden it needs protection from direct sun and can grow to 2m tall. Extended cold periods, drought or too much sunlight will cause the plant to deteriorate.

C. seifrizii (Bamboo Palm). A highly clumping decorative palm used for interior plantscapes. Can reach 3m. More sun tolerant than other Chamaedorea species.

C. cataractarum, (Cascade Palm) is a very attractive palm which will do well in a position of filtered light.

Plant Health

Few serious problems.

More info

Around 100 species, indigenous to the Americas.

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