Fan Leaf Palm, Latan Palm

Most are small solitary palms (single trunked), some are multiple trunked; leaves are palmate or costa palmate and the petiole (leaf stalk) usually has spines.The leaf blade of some species is not divided and can be more circular in shape rather than elongated. Most species however have deeply divided leaves.


Attractive foliage plant in shaded tropical gardens, container plant, greenhouse or indoor plant if humidity and warmth is adequate.


Suit warm regions with adequate rainfall, needs protection from strong wind or sun. Grows well in low light.


Only plant fresh seed, which takes 1 to 2 months to germinate.


Over 100 species. Species being cultivated include:

L. lontaroides (syn. L. borbonica, L. commersonii) (Red Latan), up to 16m high with 2 to 3m long leaves.

L. verschaffeltii (Yellow Latan), up to 16m tall with light green leaves 2 to 3m long that have yellow ribs along the stalk.

Plant Health

In warm humid conditions, relatively hardy.

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