Berberis darwinii


Barberry, Piprage

This evergreen shrub originated in Chile and grows to a height of 2 metres with a spread of 1 metre. The leaves are glossy green and resemble holly. Bears bright yellow flowers about 7.5 cms across.


Ornamental shrub suitable for small and large gardens.


Barberry grows best in light, well drained, moist soil. It prefers and open sunny position and is drought and frost resistant. Needs plenty of water in dry spells. It can be propagated from both seed and cuttings. Semi hardwood cuttings can be taken in winter.


Cuttings (mostly), layering or seed (separate seed from fruit and store over winter then plant early spring).


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Plant Health

Hardy, Only prune to shape or control size; some species are susceptible to rust and occasionally scale.

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