Australian Native Plants Courses

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Learn to identify, grow and use Acacias

Growing Acacias in areas outside of their natural conditions can be somewhat unpredictable and variable.

  • Some have adapted well as garden plants, or as windbreak or screening plants.
  • Others have become weeds when transplanted beyond their indigenous area.
  • Some have other uses and a number are even farmed commercially to produce products as diverse as extracts for medicines, oil for the perfume industry, edible food products, and timber products for fencing, furniture and building construction. 

This course attempts to develop your ability to both identify and use different Acacias.

Australian Native Ferns

Become an Expert with Australian Ferns

Learn which ferns occur naturally in Australia, how to identify them, where to obtain accurate information on them, how to propagate them, growing and using ferns in baskets, terrariums, and landscapes.

This course will grow your understanding and awareness of Australian Ferns, will lay a foundation for a life of ongoing learning; and for anyone working with plants, enhance your career and business prospects.

Australian Natives I

Learn about the commonly cultivated Australian natives

Australia has one of the oldest and most diverse varieties of plants of an country. Australian natives come from tropical areas to cold temperate snow covered mountains, and from inland deserts to fertile wet rainforests.

Develop your ability to identify, select, cultivate and plan a management program, for appropriate varieties of Australian native plants, in a wide variety of situations. This is relevant to not only Australia, but most parts of the world.


Australian Natives II

Learn to Grow and Use Australian Wildflowers and Shrubs 

This course deals with both woody (hard wooded) and herbaceous (soft wooded), low growing Australian Native Plants, which bear showy flowers.
The focus is on small shrubs and ground covers.



Bush Tucker Plants

Explore a whole new world of gardening and culinary delights

There are thousands of plants from Australia that can be used as foods. These include fruits, vegetables and nuts you may well have never thought about, let alone tasted; as well as flavourings, extracts and additives that can be used with traditional foodstuffs to create a whole new slant on culinary experience.



Learn to Grow and Identify Eucalypts

An introduction to the genus Eucalyptus, covering identification, culture (propagation, soils, landscape uses, feeding), and uses. Throughout the course you build both a knowledge of the group as a whole, and of the range of species you can identify.

Growing Grevilleas

 Become an Expert on Grevilleas

This eight lesson course provides a thorough grounding in identifying, growing and using grevilleas.

Grevilleas are a wide group of plants, all but seven species coming from Australia. They are widespread across Australia, occurring in both cool temperate, and hot tropical climates. There are around 250 species. About half of these are native to the south west corner of Australia.

Learn How to grow Grevilleas by home studies.

Native Australian Trees

Are you interested in learning more about Australia's native trees?

Learn to identify, propagate, cultivate and use Australia's indigenous trees in gardens, parks, land rehabilitation, forestry and more.

This course first teaches you about different types of Australian flora, plant identification, information sources, planting, feeding, soils, pests and diseases, watering, propagation and transplanting.

The remaining lessons then deal with selected varieties of trees, windbreak planting, agroforestry, tree maintenance and tree selection.