Fruit and Nut Production Courses

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Berry Production

Want to Grow Berries?

Berries are a delicious treat, especially when they are freshly picked.

This course is for any berry enthusiast, small holding farmer, farm worker or commercial grower.

Covering all aspects of the propagation, care and cultivation of common (and uncommon) berry fruit - with the opportunity to specialise to some degree in one type of berry.



Fruit Production - Warm Climate

Grow Tropical and Sub Tropic Fruits

Similar to the temperate fruit course, but adapted to cover tropical and sub-tropical conditions. The course reviews a huge variety of different fruits, but with particular attention being given to the more important ones including: passionfruit, avocados, pineapples, macadamias, paw paws, oranges and cashews.

Nut Production

Nut Farming and Nut Culture

For the enthusiast or commercial grower.

Gain a sound foundation for growing a wide variety of nuts, particularly in temperate climates. This course also provides opportunities for you to focus more on types of nuts that are of greater interest and relevance to you.

A detailed study on nut growing with the opportunity to specialise, to some degree, according to your interests. Eight lessons cover culture, site selection and planning, common and uncommon nut varieties, propagation, soils, pests and diseases, harvesting, and more.

Qualification - Certificate In Horticulture (Viticulture)

Learn Vineyard, Winery, Grape Production: Start or Manage a Vineyard

This course gives you the knowledge and skills to manage a vineyard from seed/cuttings to grape. It provides a substantial level of training in broad based horticulture; as well as a very strong foundation in vineyard operations and practices.




Grape Growing for Vineyard and Winery

The viticulture industry still has a lot of opportunities: niche wine makers, for example, still have a very bright future. It is also on the outlook for people who have the skills and knowledge to work within established vineyards.

Whether you want to set up a backyard winemaking enterprise, a small vineyard, or work in this industry - this course will give you the confidence you need to move forward.

Warm Climate Nuts

Nut Growing Course: Nuts for the Sub Tropics and Tropics

The content of this course is very similar to the 'Growing Nuts' course, except this deals exclusively with nuts grown in the tropics and sub-tropics e.g. macadamias. This course is designed as a detailed look at identification and culture of nuts in warmer climates. Emphasis is placed on the species that are of horticultural value. There are many nuts that you would not be aware of coming from the various cultures of the tropics, that are of great interest to our use today.