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Advanced Certificate in Garden Design

Learn to Design Better Gardens

  • By using different plants and materials in different ways
  • By creating different styles appropriate to the needs of the clients and users
  • By designing with a deeper understanding of the full design implications:  biophilia, construction costs and maintenance implications.

Biophilic Landscaping

Learn to Evaluate a How a Landscape Impacts Upon the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of People

Biophilic design recognises that we as people are part of a biological system. We are one of the living components. Whilst our leaning towards biophilic needs is a remnant of our past, it is not irrelevant. We still have this innate desire, even if inherently diminished, to connect with nature. When we are able to do this, we feel better, we are healthier and happier, and lead more productive lives. We interact with other biological systems and our health and wellbeing is related to the way we connect and interact with other natural systems in an urban environment. The onus of town planners and designers should be to incorporate a connection with nature, rather than block it out. 



Certificate In Garden Design

Become a Great Garden Designer

An effective and comprehensive training program for people working, or wishing to work, in the landscape industry - either in their own business, or at a supervisory level for someone else. Develop your design skills, as well as basic knowledge in other areas of importance to the designer (e.g. horticultural practices, management, plant identification and use, and marketing). On completion of this course the student should be able to draw landscape plans, compile specifications, and prepare cost estimates. There are thirty lessons taking around 600 hours to complete. Recognised through International Accreditation & Recognition Council

A really great landscape design course will combine the artistic elements of garden design with the practical skills discussed above - you can't create one without knowledge of the other. This course will give you both. 


Cottage Garden Design

Expand Your Landscaping and Garden Design Skills

This is an ideal course for people with an interest in landscape design. Develop the skills to feel confident offering cottage garden design or restoration as part of your landscaping service.

Learn to design a cottage garden, applying broad concepts and principles loosely or rigidly to create a landscape sympathetic to a period in history or style of architecture.

Designing a Garden

Fast track your Garden Design Skills

This course is designed to be the fastest way to learn what you need to design a garden

If you want to avoid serious mistakes and get a solid foundation in garden design, without committing to the time and cost of a much larger course - you won't find much better than this.

Diploma In Landscaping

Tap into Your Creativity

Become a Landscape Designer

Extensive training for an exceptional career a landscape contractor or garden designer. An experiential learning program incorporating lots of practical experience together with sound training in foundation knowledge required for a successful and sustained career. Learn to design all types of landscapes, manage projects and to adapt and confront new problems as they arise.

This course has been developed by a team of highly respected, qualified and experienced landscape professionals from the U.K., Spain, Australia, and several other countries.

Garden History

Learn about the History of our Great Gardens and Gardeners

Study the history of gardens. Understand how gardens have evolved over the centuries, and broaden your perspective on what is possible and appropriate in garden design today. Garden history will enlighten you, and vastly expand the scope of possibilities you have before you as a modern garden designer.



Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, London

Landscaping I (Introduction to Design)

A Foundation Course for Budding Garden Designers and Landscape Professionals

Learn the principles that underpin all design. See how garden styles have evolved over the centuries, and broaden your understanding of how to use different garden components to create varying affects. Learn about the components that make up a garden both 'hard' and 'soft' - extend your knowledge on landscaping techniques. A great course for designers and budding landscapers alike.

Landscaping III (Landscaping styles)

How to Landscape Gardens in Specific Styles

Learn to apply the principles, design features and elements that make up many types and styles of gardens. This is an outstanding course for even experienced landscape designers, developing skills in developing everything from a formal to an eclectic garden, and a Mediterranean to an oriental landscape.

Natural Garden Design

Landscape and Design the Natural Garden

Develop your understanding of how natural environments work and the concepts of natural garden design. Know how to produce concept and detailed innovative plans for low maintenance natural gardens (eg. woodland gardens, desert gardens, wild gardens, indigenous plant gardens, etc.) using indigenous plants or a mixture of indigenous and other plants) plus suitable landscape features.

Planning Layout and Construction of Ornamental Gardens

For Landscapers or Garden Designers to Build on Existing Knowledge

Develop an in depth understanding of the principles and procedures for all aspects of planning for development of a hard landscape; including: site assessment, plan drawing, plan interpretation, project specification and construction planning.

Playground Design

Learn to Design Children's Playgrounds

This course develops a sound understanding of the design and construction of small community parks and playgrounds.  A valuable course for parks managers or designers, the course covers playground philosophy, design of play structures (for function and safety), materials selection, community participation and park design.

Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens

Become Skilled in Garden Restoration

Learn to survey, analyse and plan sensitive and appropriate renovation of established gardens, generally of 2 hectares or less in size. 

This course assumes a foundation knowledge of landscape and horticultural management. It is a valuable study program for even those who have worked in landscaping for some time, but who seek a deeper and broader knowledge of garden renovation.

This course has been developed by professionals in both Australia and the UK, with the aim of being relevant throughout the world.