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An introduction to aromatherapy oils

Learn more about the safe use of aromatherapy essential oils for healing and relaxation.

Aromatherapy II

Study how aromatic herbs and their essential oils can be used for therapeutic purposes to benefit human heath and wellbeing.

Culinary Herbs

Edible Herbs are Easy, Interesting and Satisfying to Grow

Learn how to identify and successfully grow dozens of common and uncommon edible herbs. Develop your skills and experience the delights of cooking adventurous new recipes with herbs. Learn drying and other methods of preserving the flavour (eg. herb oils, salts, vinegars).



Foundation Diploma in Herb Production

For the serious herb grower

This is a unique and exceptional course that will raise your knowledge of herbs and opportunities to work with herbs, to a totally new level.

Start a herb farm, work in herb production, apply your knowledge to creating new business opportunities in this field.

This diploma will give you the the practical as well as theoretical knowledge through lots of practical tasks throughout the course.

Growing Lavender

Be a lavender expert

For the lavender enthusiast, or anyone interested in starting commercial lavender production.

  • Follow a passion, develop horticultural and manufacturing skills
  • Start a lavender farm, produce lavender products, start a business or build a career with lavender
  • A very practical course read, propagate, grow, harvest, make lavender products, research, all guided by expert tutors.

Herb Culture

Be a herb farmer, nurseryman or classic garden designer

This is a course for people who want to get really serious about herbs. Those that are perhaps starting a herb business (shop, nursery, farm, product manufacturer), or seeking employment in the herb industry.

It provides training for the herb farmer, nurseryman, classic garden designer or enthusiast.

This course is designed to develop a solid grounding in herb growing and the herb industry. Half of the course deals with general herb culture, including identification, soils, mulching, feeding, watering, propagation, pest and disease control, harvest, storage, processing, companion planting, nursery management and herb farming. The remainder of the course involves detailed studies of major groups of herbs such as: mints, thymes, lavenders, scented geraniums, garlic, roses, artemisias and parsley.

Herbs (Introductory Course)

Passionate about herbs? Broaden your knowledge

A broad based six lesson course for beginners to herb growing, covering the history of herb use, herb culture, and identification of the major herbs. This course  emphasis on growing and using herbs as a hobby.  



Medicinal Herb Short Course

Learn about these fascinating herbs in an information packed 20 hours

This course is designed to be the fastest way to learn the most important things related to using medicinal herbs.

At only 20 hours this is different to our other 100 hour courses: it is shorter, the fees are lower and the assessments at the end of each lesson are fully automated. All this helps you to fast track your learning.

Medicinal Herbs

Explore the fascinating world of herbs

Lay a foundation for understanding how these amazing plants can be used to compliment our state of health and wellbeing.

Herbs have been used for medicines over thousands of years. Some can be very effective if used appropriately, while others have the potential to be dangerous. Being only eight lessons (100 hours), this course cannot hope to make you an 'expert', but it does set you on the right path, teaching you the basics of how to identify and correctly administer herbs for medicinal purposes.

Qualification - Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Herbs)

Get to know the industry first

The 700 hr course also devotes a considerable amount of time to 'getting to know' the industry, its current state and its future potential areas of opportunity. If you would like to enter this industry but do not know enough to get you going this course will give you the confidence and insights to set you on the right path.

This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.


Qualification - Certificate In Herbs

Turn your passion for herbs into a business or career

This course has been operating for years and is designed for people who are involved, or want to become involved in the business of herbs. It covers less horticulture and focused more strongly on herbs than the Certificate  in Horticulture (Herbs). This course is more appropriate for the small business operator who not only grows herbs but also harvests and value adds (e.g. perhaps producing herb products).

Qualification - Certificate In Horticulture (Herbs)

Start a herb business - learn the basics of horticultural knowledge as well as herbs

This course is unique, comprehensive and an extremely solid training ground for anyone wanting to start or work in a business that grows herbs.

Do this course to work in:

  • A herb nursery
  • A herb farm
  • Landscaping herb gardens
  • Manufacturing herb products
  • Herb marketing or retailing

Learn the basics of horticulture first - this broadens your prospects but also ensures greater success in any horticultural enterprise including herbs. Then move on to the study of herbs in the second half of the course.

Scented Plants

Learn how to use these wonderful plants

Scented plants add a wonderful perspective to any garden, if selected and used properly. Too many can be overpowering and some can cause allergic reactions in some people. Many others however have aromatherapy affects, soothing the garden visitor, reminding them of pleasant times from the past or just creating a feeling of well-being. This course can provide an intoxicating experience for the enthusiast and equally enhance and advance the career prospects for a garden designer, manager or grower.