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Fruit and Vegetables

This course is designed to be the fastest way to learn what you need to grow food on a small scale at home

If you want to avoid serious mistakes and get a solid foundation in growing fruits and vegetables, without committing to the time and cost of a much larger course - you won't find much better than this. All in about 20 hours!

Gardening Skills

Learn essential gardening skills at your own pace

Gardening can be a lot of fun, a hobby or a job. Without an understanding of the basics though, mistakes are easily made. Time and money can be wasted doing gardening tasks incorrectly, or with the wrong equipment and materials. This short course can be studied in your own time and is great way of learning all of the gardening essentials.

Home Fruit Growing

Grow fruit trees, berries, nuts, citrus, vines - any type of fruit

Grow an abundance of fresh fruit, berries and nuts, efficiently and economically. Preserve your harvest and trade or give away excess surplus produce to your friends and neighbours.

Learn how to raise soil fertility, choose the best fruits for your situation, and grow them in a way which controls pests and diseases without using dangerous chemicals.


Home Garden Expert Course

Want to know more about gardening?

This course will help you to garden more efficiently and effectively! And create and maintain a great garden.

 With almost 100,000 words (the size of three average books), plus expert tutor support, this course provides a unique and well-structured opportunity to develop a very sound understanding of gardening.

Home Hydroponics

Hydroponics for the gardener - learn the fundamentals

Hydroponics is an environmentally friendly and relatively fool proof way to garden at home. It can cost a little more to set up; but being largely automated, once established the hydroponic garden can in some respects involve less work for greater rewards. It doesn't involve the heavy lifting of other forms of gardening; and that aspect alone has made it particularly useful for disabled or less mobile home gardeners.


This course is a good starting point for those who have little experience in horticulture or hydroponics, whose main interest is growing AT HOME. Learn the theory behind hydroponics culture and gain first hand practical experience setting up your own basic hydroponics system.

Home Propagation

Learn the tricks of successful plant propagation

Most gardeners find propagation challenging but there are lots of simple techniques that ensure a better strike rate and healthier seedlings. Learn from experts in this field.

This subject aims to develop a basic understanding of the principles of plant propagation, an overview of propagation techniques and equipment and a general knowledge of the methods of propagation of the more commonly cultivated plants. It is specifically geared to the enthusiast hobby gardener. This course is more than just reading notes though; involving lots of practical work and opportunities to interact with expert horticultural staff and other students (through our student room directory).

Home Vegetable Growing

Learn how to grow delicious, fresh, healthy vegetables at home!

The most obvious reason to grow veggies or herbs is to harvest and use them but that isn’t the only reason. Many vegetables and herbs can be just as attractive or functional as the ornamental and amenity plants we grow.

Landscaping Home Gardens

Dream of a beautiful garden but lack confidence?

Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own beautiful home garden. Turn your dreams into reality as you create plans for a stunning garden  in which you can work, play or simply sit back and admire.