Indoor and Tropical Plants Courses

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African Violets

Learn to Grow African Violets

Designed for the African Violet enthusiast, this course covers everything from potting and feeding, to pests and propagation. You learn how African Violets are classified, and cover the exciting range of varieties available. Here is your chance to achieve outstanding results with African Violets .


Interior Plants (Indoor Plants)

Know and Grow Indoor Plants (House Plants)

This is a course equally applicable to the professional interior plantscaper or the home owner, or interior decorator, who aspires to achieve the very best results with their indoor plants. 

You will learn about the main family groups indoor plants fall into, the cultural requirements and general characteristics of each of those groups, and from there develop the ability to select the right plant for the right situation. Many types of growing methods are covered (in pots, baskets, hydroponics, terrariums, greenhouses), as well as soil mixes, propagation, pest control, feeding and lots more.

Orchid Culture

Successfully grow a beautiful yet challenging plant: the orchid

These unusual and stunning plants are incredibly rewarding to own. Get the broad picture of what orchids are all about and learn how to improve your results and grow flowers which will be the envy of all who see them.


Palms & Cycads

Learn About Palms and Cycads

Palms and cycads look similar, but they are in fact very different. Give your career or business a boost by learning more about palms and cycads.