Indoor and Tropical Plants Courses

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African Violets

Learn to Grow African Violets

  • As a passionate amateur
  • As a plant collector
  • As a commercial grower

Designed for the African Violet enthusiast, this course covers everything from potting and feeding, to pests and propagation. You learn how African Violets are classified, and cover the exciting range of varieties available. Here is your chance to achieve outstanding results with African Violets .


Cut Flower Orchids

Growing orchids for cut flower production and markets

Orchids occur naturally from very cold temperate climates through to tropical locations and provided you choose appropriate species and treat them according to location, it is feasible to grow orchids as cut flowers almost anywhere. Orchids are one of the most commercially viable cut flower crops (partially due to their beauty, and also due to their long shelf life). Learn how to produce orchid flowers for the cut flower trade.

Interior Plants (Indoor Plants)

Know and Grow Indoor Plants (House Plants)

This is a course equally applicable to the professional interior plantscaper or the home owner, or interior decorator, who aspires to achieve the very best results with their indoor plants. 

You will learn about the main family groups indoor plants fall into, the cultural requirements and general characteristics of each of those groups, and from there develop the ability to select the right plant for the right situation. Many types of growing methods are covered (in pots, baskets, hydroponics, terrariums, greenhouses), as well as soil mixes, propagation, pest control, feeding and lots more.

Orchid Culture

Successfully grow a beautiful yet challenging plant: the orchid

These unusual and stunning plants are incredibly rewarding to own. Get the broad picture of what orchids are all about and learn how to improve your results and grow flowers which will be the envy of all who see them.

 Online Course: Learn orchid culture studying at home online or through paper based distance education.

Palms & Cycads

Become an expert in palms and cycads

Throughout this course you will learn to distinguish between the characteristics of different types of palms and cycads.
Learn the general cultural practices required to grow palms and cycads including propagation and appropriate pest and disease treatments.
Discover how to choose palms and cycads to suit different climatic situation - how to use them in the landscape and their various commercial applications.




Tropical Plants

Learn how to grow tropical plants, tropical rainforest plants, house plants - anywhere

This course provides  valuable instruction for both growing plants in warm places or in protected places such as greenhouses.

Study many of the significant tropical plants including: Heliconias, Alpinia, Hedychium, Zingiber, Musa, Costus, Cordylines, palms and cycads, climbers, shrubs, trees, orchids, ferns, Aroids and Bromeliads, herbs, vegetables and fruit bearing plants, etc.

This course also covers: plant names/classification (scientific and common), climatic conditions, plants suited to your locality; cultural practices: understanding soils, naming a soil, propagation, watering, feeding, pruning etc. Growing tropical plants outside the tropics and indoors - in different climates and conditions. 

Discover: how to landscape with tropical plants and how to use colour and texture; how to select appropriate plants; how to plant a courtyard and prepare sketch plans.

A truly versatile course!