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Certificate In Horticulture (Organic Plant Growing)

Learn Broad Based Horticulture; then go on to learn all about Organics
The first half of the course gives you a foundation in science, horticultural practices and plant knowledge; to underpin the second part of the course that focuses purely on organic growing, and particularly growing vegetables, fruits and flower crops.

Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing

Learn Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices

Learn to grow vegetables organically to sell commercially - small or large scale green, sustainable market gardening, for healthier food produce.

A self paced study program, for serious growers; new farmers and staff working on vegetable farms or market gardens.

The demand for organically grown vegetables is currently a major growth area in commercial horticulture. This course is a good starting point in learning all aspects of organic vegetable production.

Organic Plant Culture


This newly revised course shows you how to grow plants naturally, developing a solid understanding of the principles and procedures underlying the cultivation of plants by natural methods, working with the environment and without the use of artificial fertilisers or sprays.

An outstanding and extensive, globally focused, foundation course.

Organic growing has increased in popularity over the past ten years due to the increasing awareness of safety in the garden and on the farm and the desire to produce food that is free from chemical inputs. For decades, farmers and growers have relied upon chemicals to control pests and diseases in order to produce crops for sale. Unfortunately it is only recently that we have become aware that many of those chemicals can sometimes cause health problems to humans, as well as long-term damage to the environment such as soil degradation, imbalances in pest-predator populations can also sometimes occur. However the organic grower or gardener should understand that not all organic practices always guarantee a healthy environment, over-cultivation for example can also lead to soil damage. Organic growing practices should aim to ensure quality of both the environment in which we live and of the produce we grow in our gardens and on our farms.