Propagation and Nursery Courses

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Cutting Propagation

Develop your ability to propagate a wide variety of different plants by cuttings.

This is a particularly valued skill in today's nursery industry, and while no course alone is going to make you into an exceptional propagator, this training provides a necessary foundation needed to build these skills.

Course developed by John Mason -author of "Propagating plants by Cuttings" (Kangaroo Press) and "Nursery Management" (Landlinks/CSIRO)

Garden Centre Management

Garden centres can be large or small, and the range of plants which they sell can be broad or narrow. A garden centre may also sell other products that are relevant to a garden, and complement the plants which they stock.

This course has been very successful in training both staff and managers of retail nurseries and garden centres across the world.

Many garden managers have risen from being casual staff to full time managers and this course helps with the skills needed to make that change. If you are a budding Horticulturalist with basic skills, this will help you climb to the top of the ladder!

Nursery Hands Course

This is a course was originally designed in collaboration with Alan Lewis, W.A. Horticulturist and former Manager of Hamel Nursery.
It teaches the skills for day to day work in a production nursery.

Nursery Sales Assistant

Learn to work as a nursery sales person and be a real asset to your nursery.

Learn nursery sales techniques and expand product knowledge.

Improve your ability to sell plants and associated products

This course was developed in response to a request from a retail nurseryman who was finding it difficult to find staff with appropriate skills. As he put it, job applicants were either over qualified or lacked the basic skills needed: to be able to identify plants, advise customers on their use and to understand some basic sales techniques and procedures.

Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is a bigger industry than most people realise.

In some places, earnings from plant breeding rights can equal or exceed earnings from actually producing plants. Today's nurseryman needs to understand plant breeding and selection; and to this end, this course is a very valuable and unique course for anyone working in the modern industry.

Propagation I

Develop your broad skills in plant propagation.

For people who work in the nursery industry, or are enthusiastic amateurs with a broad interest in propagating plants.

You will visit or contact various sites, such as nurseries, propagation equipment suppliers and other propagators, to observe, inspect or discover things about probagation. Through these contacts you will develop an awareness of workplaces and practical applications of the subject.

Qualification -Advanced Certificate Applied Management (Retail Nursery)

Develops the  skills required to manage a retail business, plus gain knowledge in identification, care and handling of plants and other products sold through retail nurseries. This 900 hour course trains managers or supervisors rather than workers. There are eight units plus a 200 hr workplace project in this course. These are the five core units common to all streams of this Advanced Certificate (ie. Communications, Management, Office Practices, Business Operations and Marketing), plus three specialist units of study relating to the management and operation of a retail nursery.

Qualification -Advanced Certificate Applied Management (Wholesale Nursery)

This is a course for people who work, or hope to work, as a supervisor, manager or owner operator of a wholesale or production nursery.
It is a 900 hour covering both management and horticultural studies relating to running a wholesale nursery.
There are eight units plus a workplace project in this course. These include the five core units common to all streams of the Advanced Certificate (C12CN001), and three specialist units of study relating to the operation and management of wholesale nurseries. The core units are Communications, Management, Business Operations Office Practices and Marketing. This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.

Qualification -Advanced Diploma Horticulture -Nursery

A high level professional training for people working in or wishing to work in nurseries at a technician, manage, or owner.
Lots of flexibility offered in your choice of subjects, so you can develop a unique and highly desirable skills set. 
This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C.

Qualification -Certificate Horticulture (Propagation)

Develop skills and knowledge about propagating different types of plants by seed, cuttings, budding and grafting, separation, division and layering in a commercially viable way. Also learn about plant identification and general culture as a sound foundation for understanding general horticultural practice. This 700 hour course is designed principally for plant propagators. Accredited through the International Accreditation & Recognition Council

Seed Propagation

Become a professional plant propagator and make a career for a lifetime! Why do some seeds germinate easily, and others don't?. How should seed be stored? How should seeds be treated to encourage germinate? How do you get seedlings to survive?Seed propagation can be complex, but doing this course will lay a foundation for working more effectively with all types of seed, to achieve better results wherever you live.

You can grow just about anything when you know how to propagate your own plants. It is a valuable part of saving money for your landscape and nursery business. A skill you will have for always.

Tissue Culture

Learn Plant Tissue Culture by Distance Education

  • Grow Ferns, Orchids, Cut Flowers or Other Plants
  • Produce large quantities of new varieties fast and relatively cheap
  • Develop a High Tech small business at home

Tissue culture involves growing plants from very small sections (sometimes microscopic) in a laboratory. It is a propagation method which is being increasingly used. Tissue culture is not appropriate for many plants, but for others such as orchids, some indoor plants and in particular, many new plant varieties, it is a very popular propagation method.

Wholesale Nursery Management

Managing a production nursery involves more than just propagating and potting up plants. Even the small nursery must be able to not only producer plants, but do it at a pre determined cost, then sustain those plants before and during marketing..

The nursery industry currently has a real need for people with skills and knowledge in managing production plant nurseries! This course provides a solid grounding for developing those skills. Learn how to manage people and define your target market for optimum performance!