Tree Management Courses

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Arboriculture I


Gain skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat tree disorders 

This course develops your skills and understanding in diagnosis and treatment of tree disorders. Learn about the standard tree surgery practices, to prune and train both young and established trees, and safety measures to follow. 


Arboriculture II

Learn preventative arboriculture and plantation establishment

This course is designed to follow on from Arboriculture I, however it may be taken as a stand alone short course.




Australian Native Trees


Knowing about trees is vital for any Horticultural career. Get to know them and you will understand what to plant where even better, and in a way that is harmonious to the natural landscape of Australia.


Deciduous Trees


Not only are deciduous trees beautiful, but they play an important role in providing summer shade and winter sun. They are widely planted in both hemispheres and very important for both amenity horticulture and forestry.

There is such a range of uses for these beautiful additions to a garden, and this detailed course provides specialist knowledge. The course will provide specialised information on these trees; which arms you with a great resource, either for your own garden, or others’ gardens.


Learn how to manage different forestry resources for sustainable and viable timber production.

Qualification - Certificate in Arboriculture

Would you like to work with trees?

To work in the challenging and stimulating arboriculture industry you need fundamental knowledge and understanding of trees, their amenity value and their indisputable value to the environment.  

 A knowledgeable arborist understands that working with trees is about more then felling them; once a tree is removed it cannot be put back! Arborists are there to encourage and maintain healthy, growing trees where at all possible; their work therefore has an important role in the community.



Qualification -Advanced Certificate Applied Management (Arboriculture)

Advance you career in this challenging field.

This  900 hour course is aimed at those wanting careers as managers and supervisors of workers in arboriculture. There are 7 modules plus a 200 hour workplace project in this course - the four core units, common to all streams of this Advanced Certificate, cover office practices, business operations, management and marketing, the three specialist units of study relate to the selection, culture, maintenance and repair of trees with a further emphasis on other plants. A must for those working or looking to gain work in this industry.

Qualification -Certificate Horticulture (Arboriculture)

Distance Learning Course - Learn to Grow, Care for and Manage Trees

This certificate focuses on the culture and care of trees, providing a sound foundation for any working or hoping to work with tree establishment or maintenance. Unlike many other courses in arboriculture, this course also provides a broad foundation across all aspects of horticulture.

Trees For Rehabilitation (Reforestation)


Would you like to work in a field that helps the environment? 

Environmental rehabilitation of degraded landscapes and contaminated sites is an important and growing field - this course covers the fundamentals required to start or advance your career.

This course develops an understanding of environmental systems and the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes. You learn about seed collection, storage and germination, propagation, plant selection, establishment techniques, controlling pest & disease after planting. It will give you the skills required to maintain healthy rehabilitation systems.