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Associate Diploma Turf

Learn Professional Lawn Care and Turf Management

A very sound foundation for a career in the turf industry Graduates may find employment in such positions in a turf club, golf course, sports ground, bowling club, racing club or other enterprise; as a superintendent or greens manager; or in a turf supply or grass seed company; perhaps as a sales or marketing representative, technician  etc

Certificate in Horticulture (Turf)

Train as a Turf Horticulturist: 

  • learn skills and knowledge essential to both the turf industry and broader horticulture, 
  • understand the growth of turf species and the principles and practices used in establishment and maintenance of turf species in a range of situations. 
  • develop the ability to identify, describe and control a range of common turf pests, diseases and weeds. 
  • understand and operate machinery and equipment used in turf culture. 
  • develop basic landscape design and construction skills as needed by a greenkeeper.

This is a 700 hour course designed principally for turf workers at golf courses, bowling greens, sports fields, or councils.

Foundation Diploma in Sports Turf Science

Learn the to be a turf technician

A quality turf is essential for most sports today. Participation and watching sports has become an integral part of modern society.

Being able to create and manage a turf surface well is both a science and a skill, in high demand from golf courses to playing fields.

This course is lengthy, technical, and comprehensive; providing you with the fundamental knowledge and awareness needed to forge a sound career and continue to develop a career to approach your full potential.

Sports Turf Management

Learn to Manage Turf in Playing Fields and other Sporting Surfaces

Sports turf is different to other types of turf in various ways but in particular because sports turf may suffer more wear and tear than ornamental lawns.  Sports turf has to be tough to withstand play and the surface may have to have certain qualities according to the type of play it is exposed to, such as encouraging resistance, smooth movement or the bounce of a ball.

This course assumes a basic knowledge of turf care, either through experience or prior study (e.g. our Turf Care course). From there it develops your ability to manage the maintenance of sports turf. It is relevant to the maintenance of all sports turf including golf courses, bowling clubs, playing fields, cricket wickets and other sporting facilities.

Turf Care

Learn to Create and Manage a Top Class Lawn

  • Study lawn grass species, grass seed, lawn service techniques, mowing and more. 
  • Introduction to turf - identification, selection, culture and management of turf for commercial, recreational or home use.

A basic course for people working with turf, such as on a golf course or bowling green, or for keen amateurs who wish to make the most of their home lawns.

Turf Grasses

Essential Learning for Greenkeepers and Turf Managers

Learn about turf grass species online: the taxonomy, biology and management of turf grasses -sports turf, gardens, parks and amenity landscapes.


Turf Repair And Renovation

Learn Best Practices to Repair Damaged Turf

Turf grasses grow in a slightly different environment to other plants. They grow closely together so must compete with one another for water and nutrients, they are frequently mowed, and they are often walked upon by people and animals as well as compacted under machinery. As such, turf repair and restoration requires a different skill set and knowledge base to other plant maintenance

The course develops your ability to diagnose and treat problems in turf efficiently.